is a utility billing solution 

that will digitally transform your organization's utility operations.

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That which is measured and reported improves exponentially."
– Karl Pearson / Father of Mathematical Statistics.

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You spend a lot on the commodity you buy. Do you measure its use with a utility billing solution?

Organizations that can't measure and benchmark commodity use are likely missing out on insights that could enhance budget stability and enable cost recovery. Utility stakeholders may feel confident in various contracts and costs, when suddenly- BOOM: The energy bill spikes, and without some form of utility billing solutions, no one knows why.
Some form of budget stability is critical for financial planning and understanding margin but utilities can fluctuate based on usage and demand, which can destabilize budgets fast. Typically, when a CFO or the procurement team sees a massive spike in utility usage, they go to various organization members to get to the bottom of WHY.
The bill itself rarely tells the whole story, which brings us to our next problem.

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The cross-team nightmare of spreadsheets, email threads, and wasted time…

Antiquated utility bill management processes often needlessly consume the time and energy of the most influential people within an organization. 

"Utilities are just one small part of the job" - Says Facilities, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Purchasing, Finance, General Managers, Presidents, and CFOs. 

All these questions require data that will take HOURS to pull together without utility billing software.

It's like a quiet parasite, eating the time of the most critical operational groups within an organization- and the worst part… after all that time and frustration, many organizations still don’t understand why the charges spiked. Most organizations adjust their budgets, cope the best they can, and get used to these events as commonplace. 

End the nightmare...

and discover valuable insights.

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Stop Hunting for Bills. Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets. 

Consolidated utility data from every account and meter, available wherever you are. 

Your team's time is too valuable to spend hunting for bills and manually assembling spreadsheets full of noisy utility data from multiple locations. With the power of The Platform, your team can access reliable data from all the accounts and meters that matter.
No assembly is required.

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A modern technology suite designed for utility operations.


Consolidated Utility Data
Fast Answers
Automated Reporting
Simplified Billing
Automatic Bill Auditing

Hands-free data gathering. No manual entry. 

Leverage one of these three ways to seamlessly get your data into the Pear energy billing software.

1. Have your paper bills mailed to us.  2. Setup auto-forwarding of your bills from your email inbox.  3. Provide us with login credentials for your utility.
However you choose to proceed, you will never need to hunt down a bill that has been uploaded again. 
All the data will be in the platform, ready when you need it. 

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Get beautiful visualizations for all your utility data.

Your team has too much going on to spend time manually creating utility reports. With The Pear Platform, your team can instantly access beautiful, clear visualizations for any utility metric that matters.

Now crush that presentation!


"Over the years" Reporting.

One thing many companies may overlook is that consumption and charges are not always correlated year over year.

Price X Quantity = Cost
Most organizations measure consumption or cost and can overlook that unit prices may have changed. Our "over the years" report gives you a complete, holistic view of your Unit Cost, Consumption, and Total Cost. 

Over the Years Data

Benchmark your buildings with the metrics that matter most to you.

Knowing with certainty where to invest time and resources to improve efficiency is no easy task. 

With the power of The Platform, you can choose from various metrics to compare your facilities.  See the metrics that matter to you for each location in kWh, CCF, therms, or MMBtu through a "cost per square foot" lens to find where to invest in efficiency improvements.

Benchmarking Data

Weather Sensitivity.

Sometimes the usage of certain facilities may be correlated with weather. 

Poorly insulated buildings may cause your bill to spike in the most intense parts of summer and winter.
“Is how I use my energy weather dependent?” Knowing the answer may cause you to plan differently.

Weather Sensitivity Data
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The Platform is full of robust features that will help the entire organization.

Consolidated utility data from every account and meter, available wherever you are. 

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Consumers who need our product.

Accounts Payable/Purchasing

Automatic bill auditing Know if there is a problem BEFORE you pay the bill
Simplified payments  All utilities come together into a straightforward payment file to work with the ERP of your choice. 

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Leadership / C-Suite

Get a comprehensive birds-eye view of your organization's energy and utility footprint that will enable you to meet budget and sustainability goals. Make decisions knowing that your entire organization is rooted in the same, reliable, utility data.

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Accounts Payable


Increase Budget Stability with The Platform’s automated budgeting and forecasting tools.

Phased approach: • The Platform analyzes historical usage and cost, identifying anomalies in your past bill usage while smoothing and shaping the data. In addition, you have the power to approve or reject the anomalies we identify.
• ​​​​​​​The platform makes it easy to forecast next year's costs based on historical data. ​​​​​​​ • ​​​​​​​If your current data is noisy or missing, no worries, The Platform will validate and make you aware of anomalies in historical bills while filling the gaps with state-of-the-art rate regression models that will keep you on track to meet goals. 
​​​​​​​• ​​​​​​​Export budgets as Excel files and create your own pivot tables. The Platform gives you the flexibility to slice and dice your budget data any way your organization requires.

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Flexible and Scalable.

The Platform has been built from the ground up for flexibility and scale.

Our cloud-first architecture enables big data at scale. Infused with machine learning and artificial intelligence to digitally transform your utility operations, no customer footprint is too large or nuanced for The Pear Platform to handle.
Whether you have 50 invoices or 50,000, The Pear Platform can scale to accommodate your operations. 

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Customer Success Managers are here for you.

We are here to help you.

We are proud of the power of The Platform, but sometimes you just want to talk to a human.
The Customer Success team lives and breathes utility operations and spends every day helping organizations of all sizes implement The Platform to reach goals and discover insights. 
We will be with you every step of the way. 


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