The Energy Intelligence Platform

with Easy to Use UX and Powerful Analytics


Sam: Your Virtual Energy Expert

Most organizations struggle to see their true energy footprint, let alone optimize it to increase sustainability. With Sam, you can talk to your data and take control.

Sam monitors information across your energy portfolio to find anomalies and costly issues to address

With Sam, you get instant access to your data via conversational queries instead of waiting for days for information from account managers or support reps

Proactive Insights
When Sam finds an issue it can help you correct it or give you the information you need to follow up


The Analytics Engine Behind Sam creates a comprehensive energy profile from all of your utility bill data. It processes bill data across multiple utility providers into a common format that can be used for reporting and analysis. It builds a virtual account view of your data that reconciles the many ways different providers identify meters and maps them to customer locations you manage. It also pulls crucial information from external sources including weather, regulatory, budget and rebate data. Sam then uses the complete energy profile to produces insights in the following areas:

  • Usage analysis

  • Spikes

  • Early warning

  • Predictive analysis

  • Outliers

  • Benchmarking


All We Need Are Your Bills to Get Sam Started