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A modern technology suite designed for utility operations.

The Platform simplifies the day-to-day challenges of managing energy, water, electricity, gas, sewer, fuel, or any other utility for which an organization receives an invoice.

Digitally transform your organization's utility operations.

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Consolidated utility data, automatically.

It is so hard to answer simple questions about your organization's utility footprint when you don't have an up-to-date utility data platform.

The Platform ingests and unifies all of your organization's utility data. Imagine clean data from every location, account, and meter - all with with no manual entry. Once your data is in the platform, you will never need to hunt down a bill that has been uploaded to the platform again. All of your organization's utility data will be available in the platform when you need it.

Modernize & streamline your utility operations.

A utility operations toolset built on clean data.

Manually managing the reporting, auditing, and payments for organization's with complex utility footprints can be so complex that valuable insights are often overlooked. 

The Platform unifies your data, identifies insights, audits bills BEFORE you pay them, and simplifies your payment processes.

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The Sustainability tool belt

Sustainability stakeholders are helping to save the planet... but even heroes need tools.

The Platform is your trusty toolbelt in the fight to meet environmental goals.

The Platform unifies and standardizes utility data for energy, water, and fuel across your organization. Imagine a full view of your organization's utility wallet, complete with usage, cost, and emissions reporting- available on-demand.

The Platform can help organizations reach sustainability goals with a backbone rooted in reliable data.

I went from literally mountains of paper and a grueling 20 hours per month of data entry and accounts payable processing to having the university’s entire energy footprint essentially at my fingertips.

- Jeff Murphy, Wesleyan facilities business manager
Wesleyan University

The Platform is full of robust features that will help the entire organization.

The Platform unifies your utility data while simplifying operations and uncovering valuable insights for stakeholders across Operations, Accounts Payable, and Finance.

Consolidated Utility Data
Fast Answers
Automated Reporting
Simplified Billing
Automatic Bill Auditing
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