Simplified Utility Billing and Payments for Enterprise

Digitally transform your organization's utility data, payments, and reporting.

Utility Billing on the Platform simplifies the payment process for organizations with complex utility footprints.
More than just a payment mechanism, the Platform is a comprehensive solution for the entire billing and payment lifecycle.

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Automatic Bill Entry Flexible and Hands Free

The Platform ingests bills automatically from regular mail, email, or utility login.

Multiple ways we bring in your bills: 

  • Regular Mail - Reroute your paper bills to come to us.

  • Email – Set up forwarding rules so your PDF invoices are sent to us.

  • Utility Login - Provide us with your utility sign-on information and permission to access your data from the vendor's portal.

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All of your organization's utility bills... Digitized, Scrutinized, and Standardized

The Platform’s digital OCR process turns paper bills in to digital data which is then followed by human review from our account teams.
  • Detect billing errors before payment
  • Easily find the information you care about while retaining access to your original statements.
  • All of your bills become searchable with the paper originals downloadable.
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More than just utility billing and payments

Instant access to all the utility metrics that matter:
  • Benchmark locations with user-defined attributes

  • Efficiently analyze trends and identify inaccuracies to avoid unnecessary costs

  • All the data you need for in-depth rate analysis


Flexible and Scalable

A fully customizable platform backed by a friendly support team.

The Platform has been built from the ground up for flexibility and scale.  
Our cloud-first architecture enables big data at scale. No customer footprint is too large or nuanced for the Platform to handle. 

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Wesleyan University
I value the Platform as a solution that alleviated a very time intensive accounts payable process for us. I also went from literally mountains of paper and a grueling 20 hours per month of data entry and accounts payable processing to having the university's entire energy footprint essentially at my fingertips."
– Jeff Murphy, Wesleyan facilities business manager

If you'd like to see a custom demonstration...

of what the Platform can do for your organization, just schedule a demo with us!

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A modern technology suite designed for utility data.


Consolidated Utility Data
Fast Answers
Automated Reporting
Simplified Billing
Automatic Bill Auditing

Hands-free data gathering. No manual entry. 

Leverage one of these three ways to seamlessly get your data into the Platform.
  1. Have your paper bills mailed to us.
  2. Setup auto-forwarding of your bills from your email inbox.
  3. Provide us with login credentials for your utility.

However you choose to proceed, you will never need to hunt down an uploaded bill again. 
All the data will be in the platform, ready when needed. 

Ways to send files

Get beautiful visualizations for all your utility data.

Your team has too much going on to spend time manually creating utility reports. With the Pear Platform, your team can instantly access beautiful, clear visualizations for any utility metric that matters.

Now crush that presentation!


"Over the Years" Reporting

Many companies may overlook that consumption and charges are not always correlated year over year.

Price X Quantity = Cost  

Most organizations measure consumption or cost and can overlook that unit prices may have changed. Our "over the years" report gives you a complete, holistic view of your Unit Cost, Consumption, and Total Cost. 

Over the Years Data

Benchmark your buildings with the metrics that matter most to you.

Knowing with certainty where to invest time and resources to improve efficiency is a challenging task.

With the power of the Platform, you can choose from various metrics to compare your facilities. You can view energy usage data for each location in terms of kWh, CCF, therms, or MMBtu. This will help you see where you can make efficiency improvements.

Benchmarking Data

Weather Sensitivity

Sometimes the usage of certain facilities may be correlated with weather. 

Poorly insulated buildings may cause your bill to spike in the most intense parts of summer and winter.

"Is how I use my energy weather-dependent?"

Knowing the answer may cause you to plan differently.

Weather Sensitivity Data
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The Platform is full of robust features that will help the entire organization.

Consolidated utility data from every account and meter, available wherever you are. 

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Customer Success Managers are here for you.

We strive to provide excellent customer service. 

We are proud of the power of the Platform, but sometimes you just want to talk to a human.
The Customer Success team at the Platform dedicates themselves to helping organizations of all sizes implement our software. They have a deep understanding of utility billing systems and operations. They are available to help you reach your goals and discover insights.

We will be with you every step of the way. 


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