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Simplified Utility Operations for Convenience Store Chains

ONE Intelligent Utility Platform. ZERO Operational Headaches.

The Platform helps convenience-stores with:


Receiving and paying utility bills
Measuring energy efficiency
Measuring and setting sustainability goals
energy sources
Benchmarking buildings
benchmark buidlings
Auditing and catching billing errors

For many convenience store chains, Utility Operations are an accepted pain point.

  • Frontline workers at each location are busy serving customers and keeping the store stocked and clean. They are not thinking about energy use, efficiency, or sustainability goals. 

  • Usually, responsibilities for Utility Operations are distributed among multiple stakeholders. 

  • Far too often, members of Accounts Payable, Procurement, Finance, Sustainability, and Facilities departments are all manually piecing together utility data for their own purposes and goals. 

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Accounts Payable

  • All bills are automatically ingested into the Platform with over 60 data verification checks to ensure accuracy. No manual entry, ever. 

  • The Bill Health Report leverages machine learning to test thresholds across your bill history. The Platform is designed to find and notify you of billing errors BEFORE you pay them. 

  • All of your bills converge into one simple payment file, which can be used with the AP software of your choice.

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Energy Managers and Analysts

  • The Platform comes out of the box with beautiful visualizations for any utility-related metric that matters, all exportable to Excel or PDF. 

  • The Platform enables you to accurately benchmark your buildings against each other using standardized units of measure (CCF, Therm, kWh) normalized to a monthly view or leverage EUI (Energy Use Intensity) and ENERGY STAR to benchmark against the entire convenience store industry.

  • With the power of the Platform - gas, electricity, water, fuel, and fleet converge for a comprehensive view of emissions reporting to help you set and meet Sustainability goals.

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Executive Leadership Teams

  • You will be armed with every energy-related metric that matters, enabling you to have greater visibility into costs and usage. 

  • The Platform anchors your entire organization with accurate utility data, on demand.

  • You can see and prove year-over-year savings with the Platform.


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 The Platform has been built from the ground up for flexibility and scale.

With the Platform, you define the location and account details versus being bound to what the platform or utility company dictates. It is entirely customizable, meeting your unique business needs and enabling the Platform to become your system for simplified Utility Operations. 

More than just a technology platform, we are human too!

Customer Success Managers are here for you.  We are ready to help you.  We are proud of the power of the Platform, but sometimes you want to talk to a human.  We will be with you every step of the way. 

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Get a demo of the Platform today! 

Get a demo of the Platform today! 

The Platform is a powerful, flexible utility insights platform.  

The Customer Success team lives and breathes Utility Operations and spends their days helping organizations of all sizes leverage the Platform to reach goals and discover insights. 

Find out how the Platform can work for you.