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Simplify Utility Operations across the entire organization.

Operations, Sustainability, and Finance teams often are forced to spend enormous cycles on manual processes related to utilities. The Platform was designed from the ground up to simplify Utility Operations and uncover valuable insights that can help meet organizational goals and objectives across teams.

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Facilities & Operations

Imagine having all the data you need to justify your next efficiency project without having to assemble your data with messy spreadsheets.

Imagine knowing exactly where to focus to move the needle. The Platform enables you to benchmark with the metrics that matter most across your organization's large, multi-site footprints.


Chart a course to your corporate goals with on-demand, self-serve scope 1 and 2 emissions data as your compass.

Identify areas for improvement and efficiency across your company footprint. Build synergy with your procurement and operations counterparts.

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Accounts Payable


What if you never had to hunt down a lost bill again? What will your team be able to accomplish when they reclaim the time spent on manual utility payments and billing errors?

The Platform brings all the utility data you need into one platform that streamlines payments and performs automatic bill audits.

A modern technology suite designed for utility operations.

The Platform unifies your utility data while simplifying operations and uncovering valuable insights.

Unified Utility Data
Fast Answers
Automated Reporting
Simplified Billing
Automatic Bill Auditing
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Between the centralized and intuitive analytics and the reduction of manual entry, the Platform is set to completely transform how we manage our energy consumption and interact with our various utilities,
– - Jeff Murphy, Wesleyan facilities business manager

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