Universities face unique challenges with Utility Ops.

Pear optimizes utility operations

What is "Utility Ops"?

Utility Operations or "Utility Ops" is an umbrella term that encompasses any work associated with managing energy, water, electricity, gas, sewer, fuel, or any other utility for which an organization receives an invoice.

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Its complexity and importance often go overlooked... 

Since responsibilities for Utility Ops are spread out between multiple stakeholders in an organization. Typically, stakeholders from the Accounts Payable, Procurement, Finance, Sustainability, and Facilities departments all play some role in managing, monitoring, and optimizing utility operations. In many universities, the brunt of fact-finding and usage reporting work falls on Facility Managers and Directors.

Utility Ops is especially challenging for University Campuses.

Facilities Professionals who manage university campuses have a broad set of unique challenges. University campuses often have multiple buildings, with numerous accounts per building. Often, each building will have countless electric bills plus invoices for water, sewer, gas, and so on. This makes it incredibly challenging to wrangle together good data from all the accounts and meters that matter when it's time to make tough decisions about where to invest in improvements. Many facility directors and managers work in institutions that have enlisted students to help with the examination, documentation, and paying of utility bills. However, in the new remote world brought about by COVID, many institutions no longer have students onsite to help. 

As a result, many universities are leaning in on other departments to fill the gaps.

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The weight of data and reporting often falls on Facilities Managers and Directors

Most facility managers and directors already have a full plate yet are forced to invest precious resources to fill gaps in their universities' current manual utility processes. Questions will come in around usage, especially if a bill spikes, and often the data is not in good enough shape to yield an answer. Let's look at an example.

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Top 3 Utility Ops Time Killers

It is so hard to answer simple questions when you don't have an up-to-date utility data platform. It can be challenging for Facilities Operations professionals to make a compelling business case for efficiency improvements. Manually creating reports takes precious time away from other priorities. 

There are often dozens of buildings that produce hundreds of invoices that all look different. When a bill spikes, the finance, and the CFO will want to know "WHY?" This often leaves hard-working facility professionals digging through messy spreadsheets or attempting to manually locate bills to pull out the data they need to provide an informed response. Not to mention, all the bills are in different formats, structures, and, sometimes, locations. The amount of time this process can take is alarming and compounds throughout the year.

No consolidated utility data
A lack of accurate benchmarking
File cabinets
Manual reporting
paper reports

The Platform solves Utility Ops for Universities

Far too often, a question will come in, and teams will scramble to pull together piecemeal data to create a chart. There will be back and forth with stakeholders over the format, colors, and type of chart used. The sad truth is that not only time is lost manually creating these reports but also they are often inaccurate due to the lack of a reliable utility data platform. solves this.

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Stop Hunting for Bills.
Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets. 

Consolidated utility data from every account and meter, available wherever you are. 

Your team's time is too valuable to spend hunting for bills and manually assembling spreadsheets full of noisy utility data from multiple locations. With the power of The Platform, your team can access reliable data from all the accounts and meters that matter.

No assembly is required.

Hands-free data gathering.
No manual entry. 

Leverage one of these three ways to seamlessly get your data into the Pear Platform. 

1. Have your paper bills mailed to us.
2. Setup auto-forwarding of your bills from your email inbox.
3. Provide us with login credentials for your utility.

However you choose to proceed, you will never need to hunt down a bill that has been uploaded again. All the data will be in the platform, ready when you need it.

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Benchmarking Data

Benchmark your buildings with the metrics that matter most to you.

Knowing with certainty where to invest time and resources to improve efficiency is no easy task.  With the power of The Platform, you can choose from various metrics to compare your facilities.  

See the metrics that matter to you for each location  in kWh, CCF, therms, or MMBtu through a "cost per square foot" lens to find where to invest in efficiency improvements.

"Over the years" Reporting.

One thing many companies may overlook is that consumption and charges are not always correlated year over year.

Price X Quantity = Cost
Most organizations measure consumption or cost and can overlook that unit prices may have changed. Our "over the years" report gives you a complete, holistic view of your Unit Cost, Consumption, and Total Cost.

Over the Years Data
Charts and graphs

Get beautiful visualizations for all your utility data.

Your team has too much going on to spend time manually creating utility reports. With The Pear Platform, your team can instantly access beautiful, clear visualizations for any utility metric that matters.

Now crush that presentation!

Weather Sensitivity.

Sometimes the usage of certain facilities may be correlated with weather. Poorly insulated buildings may cause your bill to spike in the most intense parts of summer and winter.

“Is how I use my energy weather dependent?”
Knowing the answer may cause you to plan differently.

Weather Sensitivity Data
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Flexible and Scalable.

The Platform has been built from the ground up for flexibility and scale.

Our cloud-first architecture enables big data at scale. Infused with machine learning and artificial intelligence to digitally transform your utility operations, no customer footprint is too large or nuanced for The Pear Platform to handle.

Whether you have 50 invoices or 50,000,
The Pear Platform can scale to accommodate your operations. 

Customer Success Managers are here for you.

We are here to help you.

We are proud of the power of The Platform, but sometimes you just want to talk to a human.

The Customer Success team lives and breathes utility operations and spends every day helping organizations of all sizes implement The Platform to reach goals and discover insights. 

We will be with you every step of the way. 

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Wesleyan University
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How the Platform helped Wesleyan University reach goals on efficiency & carbon reduction.
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