How the Platform helped Wesleyan University reach goals on efficiency & carbon reduction


20 hours alleviated
Alleviated Hours alleviated a very time-intensive accounts payable process.

1.000 meters
Optimized Meters made accessing Wesleyan’s entire energy footprint easy and straightforward, allowing the university to take control of their energy data.

600 bills
Digitized Bills completely transformed how Wesleyan manages its energy consumption and how it interacts with its various utilities.

Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut powers their academic buildings and student and faculty housing...

utilizing a multifaceted generation footprint that includes electric, gas, heating oil, propane, solar, and cogeneration.
The university receives more than 600 paper utility bills per month which creates a logistical challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the challenge of managing the Wesleyan energy portfolio, especially since the most administrative staff had to work remotely, creating business continuity risk.

600 paper utility bills
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Wesleyan had several challenges with its utility management processes.


First, its accounts payable (A/P) processing was done manually with paper bills, which was slow, error prone, frustrating, and targeted as an area of improvement by the management team.


Wesleyan did not have bill auditing or validation steps, which increased the chances for errors.


Data management was challenging as the paper bill line-item details were manually entered into an antiquated energy management system (EMS) that did not include submeters, leading to incomplete data.


Reporting through EMS was difficult as there was no integration with its automated logic systems.

These issues combined caused Wesleyan to be

2-3 months behind

in processing utility bills.
The platform was implemented to include
over 1,000 energy meters. Wesleyan’s account payable
issues were eliminated almost immediately,

saving 20 hours a month. 

I value the Platform as a solution that alleviated a very time intensive accounts payable process for us. I also went from literally mountains of paper and a grueling 20 hours per month of data entry and accounts payable processing to having the university's entire energy footprint essentially at my fingertips."
– - Jeff Murphy, Wesleyan facilities business manager
in depth look at bills and charts
Between the centralized and intuitive analytics and the reduction of manual entry, the Platform is set to completely transform how we manage our energy consumption and interact with our various utilities.”
- Jeff Murphy, Wesleyan facilities business manager
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How Does it Work?

Redirect bills to or provide access to the utility website. The Platform downloads or scans all bills into the system.

Every data element on the bill is ingested into the system. Over 60 data verification checks are performed.

Additional analysis is performed to identify efficiency opportunities.

Payment files are provided nightly to ensure timely bill payment.

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The Platform helps universities like Wesleyan streamline utility operations.

Wesleyan anticipates even more benefits from the Platform, as the university has committed to achieving carbon neutrality and prioritizing energy efficiency, as well as low-carbon energy sources.

A modern technology suite designed for utility operations. 

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